• 12/06/2024 10:36

Ukrainians will be given another type of assistance: what is known

 Another one will be transferred to Ukrainians type of assistance: what is known

The maximum amount of increase based on the results of indexation is UAH 1,500.

From March 1, insurance payments will be transferred to Ukrainians. We are talking, in particular, about state assistance paid on the basis of accidents that occurred at work.

This was reported by the press service of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

“Recalculation of payments to victims of accident and persons who can receive insurance payments in the event of the death of the victim, is made by a coefficient that takes into account the growth rates of consumer prices and average wages (income) in Ukraine,” the message says.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine No. 185 from February 23, 2024 “On indexation of pension and insurance payments and additional measures to increase the level of social protection of the most vulnerable segments of the population in 2024”, 2024 coefficient size – 1.0796. That is, payments in connection with an accident at work and occupational disease will be indexed by 7.96%.

Earlier it became known that the Cabinet of Ministers plans to extend the deadline for filing applications for benefits from the state. To whom this concerns – read the news.


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