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Increasing prices for electricity tariffs in two stages: how much will Ukrainians pay?

 Rising prices electricity tariffs in two stages: how much Ukrainians will pay

It is expected that electricity tariffs will rise to an average of 3.5–4 UAH.

< p>The Ministry of Energy is actively considering issues of raising electricity tariffs for household consumers.

This was announced by the head of the Union of Utility Services Consumers Oleg Popenko.

“There was a proposal to do this last fall, but a political decision was made. Today the issue is being considered. Perhaps even in 2024, electricity tariffs will be raised twice. The first stage is May 1 or June 1, electricity tariffs will be raised in on average to 3.5-4 UAH,” he said.

He also recalled that last year NJSC Naftogaz and the Ministry of Energy considered the issue of increasing the gas tariff.

< p>“I don’t claim that this will be accepted 100%, but I know that the issue of raising it by 1-1.5 UAH is being studied. Today we pay 7.96 UAH for gas sold by Naftogaz, and the issue was considered 9- 9.5 UAH If the cost of electricity for household consumers increases from May 1 or June 1, this will automatically raise the cost of servicing an apartment building by an average of 10-15%, and if the cost of gas rises, this will automatically raise tariffs for heat supply and hot water “, he explained.

Earlier it became known that the cost of a number of housing and communal services in Ukraine will be transferred using a new mechanism. The procedure will determine the mechanism and conditions for recalculating the cost of services for the supply of heat, hot and cold water and waste removal. We are talking about the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the provision of housing and communal services. They will be taken into account to recalculate the cost.

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