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Salaries in Ukraine: the NBU announced when payments will increase

 Salaries in Ukraine: the NBU announced when payments will increase

Competition for qualified workers will increase among employers.

Economic activity in Ukraine< /strong> continues to grow even against the backdrop of war. More vacancies are appearing on the labor market.

This was reported by the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

Increasing competition for qualified workers is pushing employers to raise wages. At many enterprises, as noted in the National Bank, there is not only a nominal increase in wages, but also a real one, that is, above the inflation rate.

The NBU says that in 2023, real wages in Ukraine on average increased by 3.5%. At the same time, the trend towards reducing unemployment and increasing wages will continue.

“The demand for skilled workers will only grow, especially if the security situation improves. The country's recovery will require new workers, so companies will compete actively for workers, including both defenders who returned from the front and migrants. This competition, for its part, will continue to stimulate the growth of real wages,” the National Bank added.

Earlier, the State Labor Service reported that Ukrainian employers must again index salaries to their employees in accordance with the level of inflation.

In addition, Ukraine plans to increase pensions. An increase is planned already from the first days of spring and will affect 10 million Ukrainians.


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