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Indexation of pensions in 2024: for which categories was it carried out in March, how much did payments increase?

 Indexation of pensions in 2024: for which categories it was carried out in March, how much payments increased

Indexation of pensions in the spring of 2024, the size of the minimum and maximum pension this year

From March 1, pensions for more than 10 million Ukrainians increased by 8%.

The Ministry of Finance said that from March 1, 2024, indexation was carried out for the first time for all categories of pensioners simultaneously.< /p>

In 2024, the lowest pensions will be indexed; such indexations were not made until 2023.

Pensions will increase:

  • 9.5 million for “civilian” pensioners receiving a pension on a general basis ,
  • 596 thousand pensioners of law enforcement agencies,
  • 97.8 thousand persons receiving a disability pension resulting from injury or illness.
  • 20.8 thousand scientists, civil servants, local government employees.

Also, from March 1, insurance payments will be revised for 161.4 thousand victims and persons entitled to monthly insurance payments in the event of the death of a victim.

What will be the minimum pension in 2024

< strong>The averageforecast level of pension growth after indexation will increase from UAH 5,395 to UAH 5,717.

The Pension Fund reported that in 2024, the pension size of Ukrainians who officially received the minimum wage will receive a minimum pension . The size of the minimum pension is essentially the minimum subsistence level for persons who have lost their ability to work. In 2024, this figure was increased from UAH 2,093 to UAH 2,361.

“If a pension is assigned for the first time this year or is recalculated in accordance with the law, the subsistence minimum for persons who have lost their ability to work is applied, UAH 2,361,” noted in PFU.

The maximum pension has also increased, since it is ten times the minimum wage. That is, we are talking about 23,610 UAH.


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