• 24/06/2024 21:46

Is there a problem with mass withdrawals of funds from bank accounts: the NBU responded

 Is there a problem with massive withdrawals of funds from bank accounts: the NBU answered

Seasonal factors had the main influence on the dynamics of funds in accounts.

The information that “Ukrainians are withdrawing funds from banks at a record pace due to the mobilization law” turned out to be real.

This is reported by the press service > SBU.

“The time has come to dot all the i's on the issue of the alleged outflow of funds from Ukrainians' bank accounts. The topic turned out to be very tempting for manipulation and distortion, especially in the context of the discussion of the law on mobilization . The hype launched by Russian channels was fueled by individual “experts” and it is not clear why even some respected media and politicians continue to replicate it,” they wrote in the message.

According to the head of the NBU Andrey Pyshnythe main influence on the dynamics of funds in the accounts was exerted by seasonal factors. From year to year, receipts to customer accounts grow at the end of the year and decrease at the beginning.

“The volume of hryvnia funds of individuals in bank accounts during February practically recovered after seasonal fluctuations in January, about this according to the operational statistics of the National Bank as of March 1. Thus, in February the volume of funds increased by 2.3% and compensated for an almost similar drop in January. As of the beginning of March, the population kept about UAH 707 billion in hryvnia bank accounts.” – the message says.

Recall that the National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rate for Friday, March 8. Compared to the previous day, the US dollar fell by 18 kopecks and amounts to 38.08 hryvnia.


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