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“Lifebuoy” for Ukraine: how long will new aid from the US last – Reuters

The transfer of frozen Russian assets by the allies would significantly help Ukraine.

Last week, Ukraine received a vital $61 billion in aid from the United States. But Kyiv still needs a medium-term financing plan to counter Russian pressure.

writes Reuters about how long Ukraine will have enough help from the United States.

New aid package

Combined with commitments from others countries, the latest package of American measures, which, in particular, opens a new tab for Ukraine with weapons and will train its troops, should be in force in Kyiv until about the end of next year. But Ukraine may again be left without weapons at the end of 2025.Even if the current President is Joe Bidenwill be re-elected this November, it will be difficult for him to get more money from Congress.

The publication also writes that the calculations of Russian President Vladimir Putin may also change. At the same time, Ukraine will probably not be able to reconquer much territory because it would mean attacking heavily defended Russian positions at a time when Ukraine is having a hard time mobilizing new soldiers.

Ukraine is straining to hold its ground against Russia, whose economy was 11 times the size of its own last year. Despite spending $65 billion on the war, it is opening a new tab on defense in 2023 – a surprising 37% its economic result is $109 billion,” this is evidenced by data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

How long will Ukraine have enough US weapons b>

Last year, the United States and Europe allocated 88 billion euros of assistance to Kyiv, of which 47 billion euros were military support, and the rest were financial and humanitarian assistance, the Kiel Institute of World Economics calculated.

How much does Kyiv need? in the futuredepends on what kind of war he fights. A defensive campaign would cost less than trying to drive Russia out of large chunks of land. But with the Kremlin increasing its own military spending, Ukraine will likely need at least as much annually in the future in the future88 billion euroscommitted by its allies in 2023.

As of the end of February, Ukraine's allies – mainly the European Union – had pledged but not yet committed 103 billion euros, according to the Kiel Institute. And now Kyiv will probably have enough aid that will be enough until the end of 2025.

Mobilization of Russian assets

The main way to get much more money into Ukraine is tomobilize Russian assetsWestern countries froze at the beginning of the war, costing about 320 billion dollars. Ideas include confiscating the assets, using them to support a loan that Western countries will provide to Ukraine, or transferring the interest they generate to Kyiv.

While this will help, it will not change the situation, since it will finance Ukraine for less than six months. But getting Kyiv $320 billion is a different proposal. This would finance the war until at least the end of 2028. Although Biden now has the authority to seize Russian funds, only about $5 billion of the assets are in the United States. The main part is located in the countries of the European Union, which have legitimate doubts about their confiscation.

Recall that on April 26, the United States of America allocated the largest package of military assistance to Ukraine. Its total value is 6 billion dollars.

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