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What will the dollar exchange rate be in Ukraine at Easter: expert forecast

What it will be dollar exchange rate in Ukraine at Easter: expert forecast

In May, the general situation on the foreign exchange market will remain quite stable.

On the eve of holidays, as a rule , people spend more money on purchases or exchange currency.

Expert Andrey Shevchishin made a forecast for the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine for the holiday period, writes Telegraf.

“A striking example when on the eve of a new year, there were high payments to the population, bonuses, salaries, etc. These funds are partially used to buy dollars, because there is no such need to keep the hryvnia in accounts,” the expert noted.

He emphasized that the demand for currency exceeds supply. on the interbank market, that is, the population and business buy dollars more often and sell less. In response, the National Bank is regulating this situation in the market due to controlled flexibility. According to Shevchishin, the dollar exchange rate is moving to 40 hryvnia, so the NBU will more strictly restrict demand.

Previously it was reported that in May a number of important factors will influence the foreign exchange market of Ukraine. However, the overall strategic picture will remain more or less stable.

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