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Military salaries: how payments will change from May 1

 Military salaries: how payments will change from May 1

For military personnel who are on the front line for 30 days, an additional surcharge has been introduced.

Salaries ofmilitary strong> The Armed Forces of Ukraine will not change in May 2024. However, soldiers who have been on the front line for 30 days were introduced an additional surcharge in the amount of 70 thousand hryvnia from April 1.

OBOZ.UA writes about this.

“In pursuance of the joint initiative of the Verkhovna Rada and The government today established an additional payment of 70 thousand hryvnia for military personnel and police officers performing combat missions on the first line,” said Prime Minister Denis Shmygal.

As the Ukrainian Ground Forces reported, the amount of cash payments to the brigade commander The salary of the Ground Forces is 50,173 UAH (without additional remuneration), the salary of a shooter is 20,586 UAH (without additional remuneration).

A shooter in the Ground Forces received just over 40 thousand hryvnia last year in the rear, and if he was directly involved in hostilities – 113 thousand hryvnia.

The salary of a military man consists of the salary that military personnel receive in accordance with their position, and the monetary reward established on the initiative of the president for the period of martial law.< /p>

We would like to remind you that Ukrainian consulates stop providing services to men of military age (document).


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