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Pensions of 200 thousand hryvnia: who in Ukraine can receive that kind of money

 Pensions of 200 thousand hryvnia: who in Ukraine can get that kind of money

At the same time, more than half of Ukrainian pensioners receive less than 4 thousand hryvnia during their well-deserved retirement.

In Ukraine, the average pension of a judge is more than 100 thousand UAH. And some can receive more than 200 thousand UAH. At the same time, the majority of ordinary Ukrainians receive up to 4 thousand UAH pensions.

OBOZ.UA writes about this.

Servants of Themis are the richest pensioners in the country. Now the average size of their payments has already exceeded the mark of 100 thousand UAH. Although some judges receive even more. For example, retired Chairman of the Supreme Court Yaroslav Romanyuk in his declaration for 2023 indicated a pension in the amount of UAH 2,937,027. This is 244.7 thousand UAH. per month.

In Ukraine, out of 10.5 million pensioners, 5.35 million people receive payments of less than 4 thousand UAH (calculations before the March indexation). That is, more than half of Ukrainian pensioners receive even less than 4 thousand UAH during their well-deserved retirement. Most Ukrainians in retirement receive much less than the average payment of 5.3 thousand UAH. 6.9 million people receive a pension of less than 5 thousand UAH.

Since 2021, the pension of a retired judge has increased from 67.9 thousand to 99.8 thousand UAH (as of January 2024) . Over the same period, the average payment of an ordinary pensioner increased from 3.5 thousand to 5.3 thousand UAH. Such a significant gap between the average payment and the payment of a judge is explained not only by the lack of restrictions on the servants of Themis.

The main reason is different calculation rules. Thus, the minimum pension for a judge is 50% of the salary. And if the experience is more than 20 years, then for each subsequent year of work the pension increases by 2%. The maximum payment cannot be more than 90% of the judge's salary. To get 90%, you need to work as a judge for 40 years.

We would like to remind you that from April 1 The Cabinet of Ministers will increase payments to working pensioners. And from January 1, they increased the size of pensions for those whose payments are tied to the minimum wage or subsistence level.


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