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Subsidies for utilities: what changes can Ukrainians expect from April 1

 Subsidies for communal apartment: what changes Ukrainians expect from April 1

For 2024, the authorities have provided for an increase in spending on housing subsidies.

From April 1, 2024, Ukrainians will retain the opportunity to issue subsidies for utilities, at the same time, the amount of compensation will decrease due to the early end of the heating season.

The press service of the Cabinet reports this Ministers of Ukraine.

The authorities have provided for an increase in payments for housing subsidies to UAH 50 billion for three million families. This is about 25% more than in the past.

“During the heating season, the average benefit for housing and communal services was about 1.41 thousand UAH, due to the heating shutdown there will be a reduction and the amount of subsidies”, the message says.

Who may lose the right to a subsidy

For changes to occur, recipients are required to contact the Pension Fund with notifications:

  • as part of household members registered in the residential premises/house;

  • in the social status of household members (marriage/divorce);
  • as part of the family of a household member;
  • in the list of received utilities, the conditions for their provision;
  • changes in the list of expenses for managing an apartment building;
  • exceeding the actual consumption of utilities for compared with the standards;
  • receipt of income greater than the amount of income for which the subsidy is assigned;
  • illegal receipt of other types of social assistance;
  • illegal receipt of benefits for payment of services in other places of residence;
  • illegal use of a subsidy for purposes other than paying for utilities;
  • the fact of purchasing a new car, real estate, or having a deposit of more than 100 thousand UAH.
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    We also reported that Ukrainians who have debt for utility services may lose their subsidies.


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