• 14/04/2024 16:53

Pensions will be recalculated in Ukraine – PFU

 Pensions will be recalculated in Ukraine – PFU

Together with the annual indexation, pensions will be recalculated.

In Ukraine, from March 1, 2024, along with the annual indexation, a recalculation will be carried out < strong>pensionstaking into account the minimum subsistence level for disabled persons established on January 1, 2024.

This is reported by the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

So, due to the growth subsistence minimum for disabled persons from UAH 2093 to UAH 2361, the size of the minimum old-age pension and additional payments for overtime work (for non-working pensioners), bonuses and increases, minimum pension payments, maximum pension, depending on the subsistence level, are increased.

The Pension Fund added that the recalculation of pensions will be carried out without additional appeals to pensioners.

We would like to remind you that from March 1, the next indexation of pensions will take place – who will receive an increase and what is the maximum amount.


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