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The world's first flying coin was released – video

 The world's first was released flying coin – video

UFO MP-1766 – the world's first levitating means of payment.

The Polish Mint created the world's first flying coin commissioned by the National Bank of Cameroon.

This is stated on the Mennica Polska website.

The name of this innovative coin, UFO MP-1766, was inspired by its “flying saucer” likeness and ability to spin slowly in the air like an alien spaceship. The number 1766 reflects the founding date of the Polish Mint, as well as the denomination of the coin – 1,766 Cameroonian francs ($2.91).

Although it can be used as legal tender, the value of this tiny miracle is significantly higher than its official denomination . The UFO MP-1766 is limited to just 510 units worldwide. The pre-order price is over $1,000. A prototype of the coin was presented at a technical forum in Berlin and will be available this spring.

“We asked how to surprise the participants of the Technical Forum this time. We assembled a team of specialists from different departments of the company, in particular marketing and production. The idea was spontaneous: “Let's make a flying coin. At first it sounded like a good joke, but every day it became clear that we were up to the task. We found the right technology and it worked. The work went smoothly and production was fast,” Lukasz Karda, director of the technical and production planning department of the Polish Mint, told Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

Mennica Polska did not provide too many details about the UFO MP-1766 technology, but according to this little information, the innovative coin has a small motor built into it that is activated by a magnetic field created between the coin and a special base included in the package. This allows the silver coin to levitate and spin slowly like a flying saucer.

Besides the levitation capability and futuristic design, the UFO MP-1766 also features fluorescent glow-in-the-dark elements for added drama.

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Mennica Polska is the only private organization that authorizes the production of coins and investment products in Poland, as well as the only manufacturer of commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of Poland. To make the UFO MP-1766 legal tender and not just a floating piece of silver, the company decided to partner with an “exotic” central bank.

“We can't just create a coin that goes into official circulation because only central banks have the right to issue money,” said Lukasz Karda. “Therefore, there is a business model for establishing contacts with exotic foreign banks, in the case of the Bank of Cameroon.”

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