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Rental housing prices have increased in Ukraine: which area is in the top and what are the prices?

 Renting housing has become more expensive in Ukraine: which area is in the top and what are the prices

What you should definitely check before agreeing to rent a house.

InUkrainerental housing prices have increased significantly – the Transcarpathian region is in the lead, Kiev is in fourth place.

OBOZ.UA writes about this.

In Kiev in January 2023, the cost of rent for a one-room apartment was 8 thousand UAH per month. However, over the year, in January 2024, housing prices increased by UAH 4 thousand.

The average cost, according to the housing rental website, is already 12 thousand UAH.

However, housing rental prices also depend on the following factors: area; proximity to a metro station; condition of the apartment (repair); floor; the state of the surrounding infrastructure and common areas.

So, a one-room apartment in the Desnyansky district of Kyiv can be rented for 7 thousand UAH, in Svyatoshinsky – for 9 thousand. And in the Pechersky district the average cost of housing has reached 26.8 thousand UAH

According to the State Statistics Service, on average in Ukraine the cost of rental real estate increased over the year by 15.9%. The average price was 6.6 thousand hryvnia.

So, in terms of the rate of price increase, the Transcarpathian region took first place. Official statistics show an increase in prices over the year by 46.2% to 12.7 thousand UAH for a one-room apartment.

Lviv region was in second place with an average price tag of 11.9 thousand UAH.

The lowest prices for rental housing in the Kherson region – 2831 UAH.

How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

Check your documents. On the website of the Ministry of Justice or “Diya” you can order an extract from the register of rights to real estate. The document costs about 40 UAH.

You will receive information about who owns the property. The contract must be signed with the owner of the apartment. You can also find information about housing encumbrances in the register. If, for example, the apartment is seized by the court due to mortgage debts.

The agreement can be signed without a notary, and a typical form can be found for free on the Internet.

Do not pay “realtors” and “owners” until the contract is concluded. If the owner of the apartment asks you to send part of the funds even before viewing the apartment in order to “make sure that you are going to rent,” or if the “realtor” asks for money in advance for his services, most likely you are dealing with scammers.

< p>You need to pay only after you have looked at the apartment, agreed with the owner, checked the documents and signed the lease agreement.

Let us remind you that Ukrainians are left without apartments – how the new schemes of “black” lenders work.

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