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Strawberry season expected in Ukraine: what will happen to prices

 Expected in Ukraine strawberry season: what will happen to prices

The cost of strawberries is influenced not only by the seasonal factor.

Experts predict an atypical strawberry season inUkraine .Frosts in mid-April had a negative impact on the harvest.

This is reported by Agroportal.

In particular, in the Ternopil region the air temperature dropped to -4 °C. Strawberries in the Chernivtsi region were also partially damaged, and farmers in the Kyiv region expect a crop loss of 10-20% for the same reason.

According to farmers, the price of strawberries this year may be about the same as and last year – from 60 to 80 hryvnia per kg.

However, this depends on weather conditions and the harvest. By the end of April, the cost of strawberries in Ukraine ranged from 160 to 200 hryvnia per kilogram.

Recall that greenhouse tomatoes have fallen in price in Ukraine. The reason is said to be a seasonal increase in supply from local greenhouses.

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