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How will the accrual of subsidies change from May 1 in Ukraine?

 How will the accrual of subsidies change from May 1 in Ukraine

Subsidies in Ukraine are received by the least protected segments of the population.

From May 1, housing payments will be automatically transferred for most Ukrainians subsidyfor the unheated season. If the information about the property status or family composition has not changed, she will be appointed until April 30, 2025. At the same time, there are categories of people who will be assigned a subsidy from May 1 upon filing an application and declaration of income and expenses.

The Cabinet of Ministers announced this.

Based on the application, a housing subsidy is provided for the unheated season to those Ukrainian consumers who are eligible for payment, but did not receive subsidies during the heating season. The government recalled that if an application is submitted, a housing subsidy is assigned within two months from the beginning of the unheated season from the beginning of such a season, but not earlier than the day the right to receive it arises.

The subsidy is assigned for the next housing season for personal appeal, if:

  • there are internally displaced persons in the household
  • in the household the number of persons actually living and registered is less than the number of registered
  • the applicant (household member) rents a living space, pays housing and communal services for it
  • the household applies for a housing subsidy for the purchase of liquefied gas, liquid and solid heating household fuel

Recall that a citizen who has been assigned a housing subsidy is obliged to inform the authorized body within 30 calendar days about the occurrence of circumstances, in particular, about the stay abroad of a person from the household or a family member of a person from the household for a total of more than 60 days. In case of failure to notify within the established period, the provision of a housing subsidy is terminated by the authorized body.


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