• 24/07/2024 12:17

The economist told how serious the situation is with delays in payment of salaries and pensions

 Экономист рассказал, насколько серьезна ситуация с задержками выплат зарплат и пенсий

The head of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine, Andrey Novak, assured that Ukrainians do not need to worry about payments for at least a quarter.

Ukraine has its own financial cushion, which allows it to fulfill at least social obligations with its own resources for at least a quarter.

The head of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine, Andrey Novak, spoke about this on “Espresso”.

“I would like to immediately reassure everyone that there will be no option for non-payments or delays in payments in January, February, March. Ukraine has its own financial cushion, which allows us to fulfill at least social obligations with our own resources for at least a quarter, that is, three months. I would like to remind you that all social items, ranging from pensions, salaries, social benefits in various categories, are in the state treasury before payment comes first,” noted Andrei Novak.

According to him, the Ukrainian budget currently has a deficit of 50%, which is covered mainly by our partners, but the other 50% is our internal economic capabilities, which allow Ukraine to independently cope with at least a quarter, and in principle, half a year, using your own resources.

“Therefore, I want to reassure you that we don’t need to worry about anything during the quarter. And in January-February, these procedural delays in the US and EU will be overcome. We calmly get through the first quarter with our own resources,” said the head of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine.

Novak added that there are also existing foreign assistance programs, for example, with the IMF for 4 years, with the EU and the governments of dozens of countries around the world.

“Now I would not exaggerate these procedural problems and delays. Firstly, Ukraine has its own certain internal economic reserve, and secondly, external assistance will still come, because it is included in the budgets of the EU, the USA, and more. 60 countries of the world supporting Ukraine,” Andriy Novak concluded.

Let us remind you that the United States approved a temporary budget that does not include assistance to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden signed the document. At the same time, he said that the United States will continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine and called on Congress to quickly agree on the allocation of funds for these purposes.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported that the Ukrainian authorities are now working with their American partners to ensure that the new US budget decision, which will be finalized over the next 45 days, includes funds for Ukraine.

Joe Biden subsequently expressed concern that Republican infighting in Congress could undermine aid to Ukraine and promised to soon give a “great speech” to explain why the US should continue to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

Biden also suggested that there might be “another way” to support Kyiv if Congress does not approve it. He did not provide details.


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