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The Polish border blockade will raise prices in Ukraine: what will rise in price and will there be a shortage?

The Polish border blockade will raise prices in Ukraine: what will rise in price and will there be a shortage

Ukrainian operators are forced to bypass the border with Poland and go through Romania and Hungary, and this significantly increases the cost of each flight.

The blockade of the border by Polish protesters will inevitably lead to an increase in prices in Ukraine for a number of goods for end consumers. This is because operators are forced to look for alternative routes for supplying products, and this increases the cost of each flight by 600-1000 euros.

This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to the Association of Retailers of Ukraine.

Due to the border blockade in Ukraine, a number of goods will become more expensive

The Association noted that the situation with the blockade at the border is becoming “critical” scale”, because the total waiting time to cross checkpoints in some cases reaches a month.

“This forces operators to look for alternative routes, in particular through neighboring countries (Hungary or Romania), which leads to difficulties and an extension of delivery time by 2-3 days. And this increases the cost of each flight by 600-1000 euros. Irreversibly, this will lead to increasing prices for a number of goods for end consumers,” the statement notes.

The threat of shortages of goods in Ukraine

It was also noted that Ukrainian manufacturers are faced with lack of necessary foreign components, equipment or packaging. As a consequencethere may be a shortage of certain categories of goods on the Ukrainian market, given the importance of these imported elements.

“For understanding: for just one large retail chain, losses from a decrease in trade volume can reach approximately UAH 100 million weekly,” noted the ARU.

They noted that a particularly critical situation will arise for chains importing products, in particular vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals and dairy products, if they cannot ensure proper temperature conditions.

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Ukrainians refuse Polish goods

In addition, due to the situation at the border, the wave of Ukrainians refusing Polish goods has increased. This is a symbolic sign of protest against actions perceived as unfair.

“This emotional choice made by consumers reflects more than just an economic decision; it shows deep disappointment and a call for respect and understanding,” ARU said in a statement.

Recall that yesterday the director of the A95 consulting group Sergei Kuyun reported that due to the blocking of the border by the Poles and the need to bypass this section when importing liquefied gas, this fuel may rise in price by 3 UAH/l.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel you can watch the video at this link: Zelensky calls the President and Prime Minister of Poland to the border! And he will come!

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