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What will happen to the dollar and euro exchange rates during April: banker’s forecast

 What will happen to the dollar and euro exchange rates during April: banker's forecast

The situation on the foreign exchange market will be controlled – without significant exchange rate ups or downs.

Currently, there is a certain lull in the Ukrainian cash market. And after Ukraine receives tranches from the EU, IMF and World Bank at the end of March, surges in rates will be temporary.

This was stated by the head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, Taras Lesovoy, in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

“After solving the urgent problems associated with obtaining macro-financial assistance, we can say that the source of potential tension in the foreign exchange market has almost disappeared” , says the banker.

He also noted that macrofin from the West is, to a certain extent, a relief of social tension caused by concerns about the strength of the hryvnia.

“In other words: macrofin indirectly affects the level of demand in the market, so any excessive growth is still unlikely,” Lesovoy said.

What to expect from the exchange rate in April

According to the expert , in April we can expect a continuation of the trend of unification of exchange rates.

“It was at the end of March that the interbank and cash market exchange rate corridors became almost identical. This tactic of the National Bank coincides with the declared vector of reducing the inter-rate difference,” the banker noted.

According to him, next month the cash market in exchange rate setting will be guided by interbank indicators with the addition of a small commission. The key will be the level of demand for cash: the higher it is, the higher the cash selling rate will be.

At the end of March – beginning of April and throughout April, currency corridors, according to expert forecasts, will be as follows:

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  • on the interbank market – 39-40 hryvnia per dollar and 42-43.5 hryvnia per euro,
  • on the cash market – 39-40 hryvnia per dollar and 41-43.5 hryvnia per euro .
  • Lesovoy reassures that in April the situation on the foreign exchange market will be almost no different from March.

    “April can also be considered a stabilizing month for the foreign exchange market, because the main threats that could have a negative impact on the market have been almost leveled out The level of demand in the cash market will partly depend on public sentiment, but there are no problems with a shortage of foreign currency, so any possible surges will be temporary,” the expert concluded.

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