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What will happen to the exchange rate next week: banker's forecast

 What will happen with the exchange rate next week: banker's forecast

Alternating periods of growth and decrease in rates are quite possible.

During March 11-17, global trends the foreign exchange market will not change. First of all, we are talking about a partially liberalized interbank market, where the regulator gently correlates rates through the mechanism of foreign exchange interventions.

Taras Lesovoy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, told RBC-Ukraine about this.

Lesovoy predicts that over the next week it is expected that the limits of permissible fluctuations will remain almost unchanged:

  • 38.5-39.25 UAH/dollar and 41, 5-43 UAH/euro on the interbank market
  • 38.8-39.9 UAH/dollar and 41-43 UAH/euro on the cash market

At the same time , current exchange rate changes are expected at the level of the last few months: up to 0.2 UAH on the interbank market, up to 0.5 UAH on the cash market.

The difference between the buying and selling rates is unlikely to change: up to 0.1 UAH on the non-cash market, up to 0.5 UAH in commercial banks and up to 1 UAH in exchange offices (an increase in the sales rate in exchange offices may be caused by the current level of demand: the higher it is than supply, the greater the chance that the sales rate will increase).< /p>

“So, despite all the social and media unrest, the foreign exchange market is in a fairly comfortable and safe “market capsule”, where the emotional virus of hype will not penetrate. And there are no economic grounds for danger,” Lesovoy noted.

Recall that from February 21, 2024, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) carried out optimization for some currency restrictions. This means that the rules for purchasing foreign currency by businesses and settlements for export transactions will change in the foreign exchange market.


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