• 18/04/2024 04:16

Pensions will be calculated according to new rules: what can Ukrainians expect?

Pension will be counted according to the new rules: what to expect for Ukrainians

If you worked for one year with an average salary, you earned 1 point.

Ukraine is expecting a large-scale pension reform, which provides for the introduction of two components of the upcoming payment.

This is stated in the publication OBOZ.UA.

Pensions after the calculation of Ukrainians will consist of two parts.

  • social (basic) part
  • individual (personal) part

“The first part will be the same for everyone, the second “It will depend on length of service and salary. However, in the calculated model, the point is not simply used to, depending on its size, reduce or increase the average salary for three years,” the message says.

In addition, they want to give each point a monetary value.

We would like to add that in Ukraine you can find out the size of your pension on the pension portal. To do this, you should indicate in the online calculator “taking into account the experience acquired in the future.”


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