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What will the dollar exchange rate be next week, April 15-21: banker's forecast

 What will the dollar exchange rate be next week, April 15-21: banker's forecast

The financier told what to expect from the dollar exchange rate next week.

In Ukraine, on the foreign exchange market during the week, from April 15 to April 21, fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dollar are possible. But they will not exceed 1.5-2.0%. The situation on the foreign exchange market is unlikely to surprise, because the main tactical and strategic actions of the National Bank will not change, and besides, there are no economic reasons for any unpredictable changes.

Banker Taras Lesovoy told RBC-Ukraine about this.< /p>

According to the expert, the National Bank will continue its own tactics of regulating the relationship between supply and demand due to the volume of foreign exchange interventions.

Rate forecast:

Expected corridors of currency changes: interbank – 39-40 UAH/dollar and 42-43.5 UAH/euro; cash market – 39-40 UAH/dollar and 41-43.5 UAH/euro.

“Thus, next week, despite changes in the foreign exchange market, they will not pose a threat, will not cause concern. The market is alive, which is why, although with certain reservations, and despite the military context, the situation will remain quite predictable and stable in its variability,” Lesnoy stated.

Rates will continue to be formed on the basis of non-cash market indicators with the addition of a small commission from financial institutions.

Lesnoy also noted that exchange rate corridors on the interbank and cash markets will be almost the same, which corresponds to the regulator’s tactics of minimizing multiple rates.

“However, the same corridors are not the same rates, although in the cash market the rates of banks and exchangers will be as close as possible to each other friend,” the expert added.

And the absence of restrictions on the cash market will become the basis for assessing any possible surges in demand: they will be situational and will not threaten the overall relationship between supply and demand, the banker believes.

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