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Toyota's global production rises to record

Toyota's global production rose to a record 11% in November thanks to strong demand. Reuters writes about this.

Toyota's global production rose to record

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The company resumed after last year's disruptions in the supply chain and thanks to high demand both in Japan and abroad abroad.

Production in November increased to 926.5 thousand vehicles, and global sales rose 14% compared with a year earlier, when automakers around the world suffered from a shortage of semiconductors. Both figures include Toyota's luxury brand Lexus.

Domestic sales for the month were up 27%, sales in the United States and China were up 17%, and in Europe up 15%.

< p>The result puts the world's largest automaker on track to global sales of more than 10 million vehicles under the Toyota and Lexus brands in 2023, also a record. About a third of cars sold this year were gasoline-electric hybrids.

Toyota shares also rose 42% for the year. On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the cost of one share is (at the time of writing the news) 2,583 yen ($18).

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