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The government is working on three areas to expand the “єєєdnovlennya” program – Shulyak

In 2024, it is planned to pay compensation to the owners of destroyed private houses, as well as to those who repaired damaged housing at their own expense. This was stated by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, Elena Shulyak, during a telethon, RBC-Ukraine reports.

The government is working on three directions to expand the program

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According to her, work is also underway to expand the program of compensation for destroyed housing in the temporarily occupied territories.

Three directions for expanding the program

Shulyak said that the parliament and the government are working on three directions for expanding the program compensation for destroyed housing.

“An experiment is now starting: the government has chosen the city of Melitopol, which is under temporary occupation, to test the procedure for providing compensation for destroyed housing in the temporarily occupied territories,” Shulyak said.

She added that after successful testing of the mechanism for such compensation, it is possible will extend this program to other cities in the temporarily occupied territories.

“We see a large number of applications from the owners of such housing, we know how important this is. Therefore, we are developing options so that already in 2024 people will have such an opportunity,” emphasized the head of the relevant committee.

The second direction will be the payment of funds to those who, at their own expense, repaired housing damaged by enemy shelling.

“From January 1, 2024, a mechanism for providing compensation to those who made repairs at their own expense will operate. After all, there must be justice – those who received compensation from the state for repairs and those who did it themselves should be in equal conditions,” Shulyak emphasized.

The third direction of expanding the compensation program will be the payment of funds for destroyed private houses to those owners who choose not a housing certificate, but targeted funds for the restoration of housing on the same plot of land.

“This is similar to the mechanism of the first stage of the “єRenovation” program “When people received targeted funds to carry out repairs. Therefore, we hope that it will not take much time to technically check the possibility of providing such compensation,” she concluded.


On May 10, 2023, the “єRenewal” program was launched in Ukraine, within the framework of which owners of damaged housing began to receive compensation of up to 200 thousand UAH for repairs.

What should you do to receive payments

For To receive payments under the “єVіdnovlennya” program, you must:

    Submit a report of damaged property in the application or through the “Diya” portal, if you have not submitted it previously; Open an “єVіdnovlennya” account in a bank (before or when submitting an application); apply for assistance through “Diya”; Wait for a call from the local government commission to inspect the property and determine the amount of benefits; Wait in “Die” for notification of the commission’s decision; To receive money on your card there is “єВідніння”.

These funds can be used to purchase building materials, pay for construction work and services of contractors who have the appropriate codes for the work, and their sellers have applied to participate in the program through the Diya portal.

Also, on August 1, “Die” started accepting applications for compensation for housing destroyed due to the war.


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