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Analysis of declarations: What cryptocurrencies do deputies have and how many bitcoins do prosecutors have?

According to reports from Ukrainian declarants for 2023, which mention cryptocurrencies, digital assets are most popular among representatives of the National Police and the Prosecutor's Office. Of the 1,834 such reports, 514 belong to employees of these structures. “Incrypted” writes about this.

Analysis of declarations: What cryptocurrencies do deputies have and how many bitcoins from prosecutors

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Who declared cryptocurrency

The publication investigated which structures most often indicated cryptocurrencies in their declarations for 2023, as well as what assets Ukrainian MPs reported.

Analysis of declarations: What cryptocurrencies do deputies have and how many bitcoins from prosecutors

From the analyzed reports on the mention of digital assets, the top three in terms of the number of such declarations, as in 2022, were made up of representatives of the National Police, the prosecutor's office, as well as city councils and their various departments.

According to the editors' calculations, among the most popular assets the National Police declared about:

    29.6 BTC (over $2 million at the time of writing); 223 ETH (almost $783,000); over 196500 USDT.

The declarations of representatives of the prosecutor's office include:

    15.9 BTC (about $1.1 million); 208 ETH ($730,000); over 753,100 USDT.

Representatives of city councils and various departments under their subordination, among other assets, indicated in their declarations:

    34.6 BTC ($2.4 million); 240 ETH (about $843,000); about 128,000 USDT.

People's deputies and the Verkhovna Rada

Declarations with cryptocurrencies were submitted by 14 people's deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

Deputy from the Servant of the People party and head of the Committee on Environmental Policy and Natural Resources Management Oleg Bondarenko is among the top 10 largest bitcoin owners among Ukrainian declarants, according to calculations editors of Incrypted. In his declaration, he indicated 80 BTC.

In addition, the rating includes People's Deputy Dmitry Gurin, who indicated his wife's ownership of 42 BTC on the Opendime wallet. However, according to the declaration, the funds were stolen.

Member of the Servant of the People Egor Chernev declared 6.1 BTC. People's Deputy Oleg Voronko reported on the presence of bitcoins, but in the declaration for 2023 he did not indicate their quantity.

Deputy Ivan Yunakov stores more than 182,233 XRP, more than 169,000 HBAR, as well as small amounts in QUANT, Ethereum, TRON, Tether, Stellar, Algorand and Coreum.

Vasily Mokan indicated 0.143 BTC and 3.04 ETH, Vadim Stolar – less than 1 USDT, Maryan Zablotsky – 1685 USDT and 0.01088804 ETH, as well as 109 BUSD belonging to his wife.

People's Deputy from Golos » Yaroslav Zheleznyak indicated the presence of about 12.8 SOL, 0.00331606 BTC, 0.3 ETH, as well as minor amounts in USDT and BNB. The assets belonging to him are also indicated in the declaration of the deputy and Zheleznyak’s wife Olga Koval.

Artem Nagaevsky, a member of the Servant of the People, declared 2608 DOGE. Deputy Anton Shvachko reported on 47 USDT, as well as the availability of LUNC and USD-M futures worth more than 1.5 million hryvnia.

MP Geo Leros listed 1073 ADA, 11977 TRX, over 6 ETC, 1542 DOGE and 33,503 BTT. Sergey Velmozhny reported about 29 BNB, as well as assets in NFP and USDT. Another 13 BNB and minor savings in ACE and NFP belong to his son.

Note that, in addition to deputies, eight employees of various committees and departments subordinate to the Verkhovna Rada declared crypto assets.

Cabinet of Ministers

Among the members of the Cabinet of Ministers, only the Minister for Strategic Industries Alexander Kamyshin reported on his ownership of cryptocurrencies.

He earned more than 17.4 million hryvnia in 2023 from the sale of digital assets. In addition, Kamyshin reported minor savings in Bitcoin (0.00000967 BTC), as well as 2.45 USDT, 9.32 BUSD and 0.78 XRP.


Declarations with cryptocurrencies were also submitted in many other structures. Thus, the Bureau of Economic Security (BES) generally indicated in its reports for 2023 1.27 BTC, more than 20 ETH and approximately 53,800 USDT.

Let us recall that the head of the department, Andrey Pashchuk, announced his intention to check crypto exchanges, the owners and founders of which are residents of Ukraine.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU), whose employees are actively studying tools for analyzing crypto transactions, declared 14 BTC, about 2 ETH and Tether for almost $6000. The National Anti-Corruption Agency (NACP) has more than 13 BTC, 11 ETN and about 14,000 USDT.

Judicial system

In the declarations of employees of various Ukrainian courts, the editors found in total more than 59.3 ETH, more than 50,000 USDT, and also 3.8 BTC. Note that the declarations of officials of such structures amounted to more than 5% of the total number of documents analyzed by Incrypted.

The Supreme Court indicated in the reports for 2023 almost 5 ETH, 2 BTC and about 2700 USDT. Cryptocurrencies were also declared in the High Council of Justice.

NBU, Customs and Tax

The analyzed declarations, which mention cryptocurrencies, also include reports from customs officers (50 declarations with digital assets), district (17), village and township councils (39), regional administrations and their departments (66).

3% of all reports with digital assets come from the Tax Service of Ukraine. The employees of the latter indicated a total of about 16 ETH, 197,400 USDT and 4.5 BTC.

The National Bank also reported on the presence of cryptoassets. In particular, the declarations of NBU employees recorded 21 ETH, less than 1.5 BTC and about 26,000 USDT.


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