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Export support: Since the beginning of the year, ECA has supported Ukrainian exports by almost 630 million

The Export Credit Agency (ECA) supported Ukrainian exports by UAH 627 million. Domestic exporters, in cooperation with ECA, raised UAH 99.8 million during this period. financing from partner banks. Such data as of April 1, 2024 was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine – Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka.

Export support: Since the beginning of the year, ECA has supported Ukrainian exports of almost 630 million

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Export support

“Support and development of processing enterprises exporting their products to other countries of the world is one of the priorities of the state policy “Made in Ukraine”. After all, the growth of domestic exports contributes to an increase in production, and along with this, the creation of new jobs in the economy. As part of the Made in Ukraine program, we plan to promote Ukrainian goods to foreign markets. Ukrainian products should be known by consumers all over the world. It should become a real symbol of quality for them,” Kachka emphasized.

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Where most often used the program

Most often, the exporter support program with the participation of ECA and partner banks was used by entrepreneurs from the Vinnytsia region – the volume of future export revenue in the region amounted to 243.2 million UAH, Kiev (235.3 million UAH) and Kharkov region (33.7 million UAH).

Popular goods

The most popular goods for sale abroad in the first quarter were toys and play equipment, clothing and various food products , supplied to foreign counterparties in Germany, the USA and India.

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