• 29/05/2024 01:11

Hungary expands restrictions on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine

The Hungarian government announced the introduction of new restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine. The League writes about this with a link to the AP agency.

Hungary is expanding restrictions on the import of agricultural products from Ukraine

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What is known

According to Agriculture Minister István Nagy, this move is intended to protect Hungarian farmers from market fluctuations caused by cheaper Ukrainian imports.

Nagy reported on press conference that the government has adopted a five-point plan to help Hungarian farmers.

The plan requires importers and logistics companies to report to the Hungarian government about products subject to current restrictions on imports from Ukraine, regardless of country of origin these products.

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We are talking about 24 types of agricultural products, The Orban government introduced a ban on imports from Ukraine in 2023. The ban applied to grain, oilseeds, flour, vegetable oil and some meat products. In February 2024, the list was reduced to 23 species after Hungary removed honey from it.

The restrictions allowed the transit of prohibited agricultural products through Hungarian territory.

Nagy added that the new restrictions also included Ukrainian grain processing products will be included.


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