• 24/04/2024 21:06

At night, monobank’s operation failed due to a “powerful DDoS attack”

On Friday, January 19, late in the evening, monobank users reported problems with the application, which was unstable and gave an error when logging in and during operations.

At night, monobank experienced a failure due to a “powerful DDoS attack”

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Help service operators wrote that the bank’s specialists were looking into this issue.

Later, co-founder of monobank Oleg Gorokhovsky wrote in Telegram that hackers carried out the most powerful cyber attack on the bank.

“ The most powerful DDoS attack. The situation is under control,” he said at 23:57.

Subsequently, he reported that a powerful DDoS attack continues to be carried out on Monobank.

“50 million requests. Second wave. We’re standing!” – Gorokhovsky wrote at 00:25.

At 00:43 Gorokhovsky wrote: “We are separating.”


On December 12, the mobile operator Kyivstar “announced a massive hacker attack due to which there was no connection and Internet, and the operator’s website and mobile application also did not work.

On December 20, Kyivstar resumed all the company’s services, both in Ukraine and abroad.


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