• 22/04/2024 23:57

Romanian farmers unblocked another checkpoint on the border with Ukraine

Romanian farmers have stopped blocking the movement of trucks at the Porubnoye-Siret checkpoint on the border with Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

Romanian farmers have unblocked another checkpoint on the border with Ukraine

Read telegram- channel “Ministry of Finance”: main financial news

“On January 20 at 00:30, information was received from representatives of the Romanian border police about the cessation of blocking by protesters of the movement of cargo vehicles through the checkpoint “Porubnoe-Siret” pass, says the message.

It is noted that registration of all categories of vehicles, both for entry and exit from Ukraine, is carried out in accordance with the established procedure.

Border guards also noted that the electronic queue for trucks continues to operate.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that yesterday, January 19, Romanian protesters stopped blocking the movement of trucks near the Vikovuyu checkpoint -de-Sous.”

Romanian farmers are blocking another checkpoint with Ukraine – “Halmeu-Dyakovo”, despite reaching an agreement with the government.

January 16 The Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Representatives of the main agricultural organizations reached an agreement, as a result of which several demands of farmers who protested for six days and blocked the border with Ukraine were met.


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