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Bitcoin fell sharply, falling to $60,326

On Friday, May 10, in the evening, the price of the first cryptocurrency fell sharply. At that moment, Bitcoin dropped to $60,326. Subsequently, the asset slightly resumed its position. This is evidenced by data from CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin sharply went down, dropping to $60,326

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Today, May 11, at the time of writing the news, the price of Bitcoin is about $60,900. Despite the fact that just yesterday digital gold cost $63,000. The asset lost 3.05% per day.

Bitcoin sharply fell, falling to $60,326

What about other cryptocurrencies

Almost all cryptocurrencies except Toncoin (+4.88% per day) with the largest capitalization in 24 hours also showed a decline. The prices of Solana (-5.43%) and Dogecoin (-4.57%) fell the most.

Bitcoin went down sharply, dropping to $60,326


< p>In mid-March 2024, Bitcoin was above $73,000. The first cryptocurrency reached a historical high of $73,737.

The Ministry of Finance wrote that on May 1, Bitcoin fell to $57,412.


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