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Bitget Launches Pre-Market Trading with Merlin Chain (MERL)

Bitget, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 platform, announced the launch of a new pre-market trading feature. The new feature is designed to meet the demand for pre-listing trading of the latest tokens and improve liquidity and trading experience for users. The first supported token on the premarket will be Merlin Chain (MERL), and trading will begin at 04:00 (UTC) on April 12.

Bitget launches pre-market trading with Merlin Chain (MERL)

The premarket is designed to facilitate trading of tokens that have not yet been officially listed on the spot market of large centralized exchanges such as Bitget. This allows users to activate the community's trading interests and attract early adopters. By providing pre-listing trading, users can benefit from asset trading early, making it easier for them to become the primary trading market for an asset once it is listed on various exchanges.

The premarket will begin with Merlin Chain (MERL) as the first supported project. Merlin Chain is a layer 2 solution for the Bitcoin network, combining the ZK rollup network, decentralized oracles and modules to prevent BTC fraud on the network. Merlin Chain supports popular Bitcoin protocols such as BRC20, BRC420, Bitmap, Atomicals, Pipe, Stamp and others, allowing a wider range of users to interact in the second layer of the Bitcoin network. As an EVM-compliant network, it offers low fees and high scalability, ensuring fast transaction processing and increased trade liquidity.

Bitget Premarket Trading is an over-the-counter marketplace platform that facilitates peer-to-peer trading and allows buyers and sellers to directly set prices and transact. This ensures that they can provide desired prices and liquidity for the assets they support in advance. Users participating in pre-listing trading must ensure that they have sufficient assets before bidding and can complete delivery within the specified time frame.

Gracie Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, said: “The introduction of Bitget Pre-Market Trading marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing users with cutting-edge solutions. This innovative feature underscores our commitment to creating a dynamic and inclusive trading environment to seize opportunities and stay ahead in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market.”

Bitget is ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrency spot trading platforms, offering over 700 coins and 800 pairs With the advent of premarket trading, Bitget continues to innovate and provide solutions to meet the growing needs of cryptocurrency traders and investors.

More information about Bitget premarket can be found on the website.

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