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Electricity imports reached their highest level since the beginning of the year

In April, Ukraine imported 225 thousand MWh of electricity, which is the highest figure since the beginning of this year. This is reported by EKU.

Electricity imports reached the highest level since the beginning of the year

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Compared to March, the volume of commercial imports increased by a third.

State energy trader JSC Energy Company of Ukraine (EKU) at the end of the month increased the volume of imports by 1.5 times. The company imported electricity from Hungary and Romania. EKU ranks second in terms of the volume of electricity imports among all suppliers.

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Ukraine retains a certain reserve for a further increase in imports. In the event of an increase in demand, EKU will respond to it in order to support the energy system and stable energy supply to consumers,” noted Vitaly Butenko, General Director of EKU.


JSC “Energy Company of Ukraine” (EKU) is a national energy trading company that offers comprehensive solutions for the purchase, sale and management of energy resources.

EKU is among the TOP 5 traders in Ukraine in terms of electricity sales volumes, leaders in cross-border trade energy resources, as well as in the TOP-2 traders of green electricity.

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100% of the company is owned by the state.


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