• 13/06/2024 15:31

Famous Australians call for Ukraine to give $9 billion of Russia's “dirty money”

The Australian elite is demanding the confiscation of $9 billion in Russian assets frozen by the Australian authorities and directing them toward financial support for Ukraine, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Famous Australians call for Ukraine to give $9 billion of

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Famous Australians from the organization “Network of Fans of Ukraine”, which includes former prime ministers, businessmen, trade union and military leaders, as well as former diplomats, have addressed with a letter to Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

They are calling on him to consider several options for redirecting the billions of “dirty money” stored in Australia since the introduction of sanctions against Russian oligarchs and others considered henchmen of the invasion and occupation of Ukraine.


The group has asked the government to join other countries in developing legal options for the use of sovereign Russian assets for the recovery and reconstruction of the country and to update its laws to ensure that Russian assets can be used.

“We are asking I am writing to you with this request because Australia can significantly exceed its capabilities without significant cost to Australian taxpayers,” the letter says.


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