• 17/06/2024 20:29

Finance.ua insurance experts give 3 certificates for fuel with a nominal value of 1500 UAH

Insurance experts decided to excite your emotions and raffle off 3 certificates from WOG for fuel with a nominal value of 1,500 hryvnia among the subscribers of the “Insurance Experts Finance.ua” channel.

Insurance experts Finance.ua are giving away 3 certificates for fuel with a face value of 1500 UAH


One priceless winner = one priceless certificate.

To participate in the draw you must:

1. Be subscribed to the “Insurance Experts” channel

2. Click the “I want fuel” button in the channel under the post

The results of the drawing will be announced on 05/03

The winners will be randomly selected by the Givy Bot telegram bot. Official conditions of the draw at the link.


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