• 20/06/2024 08:27

Finland decided to close maritime checkpoints on the border with Russia

Finland will introduce new restrictions on the border with Russia from April 15, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation reported.

Finland has decided to close sea checkpoints on the border with Russia

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For pleasure boats, traffic along the Saimaa Canal through Nuijamaa will be suspended. Also, the sea checkpoints of Haapasaari and Santio will be closed for an indefinite period, the department warned.

Such measures were previously announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland. They explained that this is necessary to prevent illegal migration by sea.

Finland also decided not to resume the operation of checkpoints on the land border with Russia. Vaalimaa, Vartius, Imatra, Kuusamo, Niirala, Nuijamaa, Raja Josepi and Salla will be closed indefinitely, until “further notice.”


Finland has begun to introduce restrictions on crossing the border with November 2023 due to the uncontrolled flow of refugees from the Middle East and Africa who arrived from Russia without Schengen visas. Helsinki has repeatedly accused Moscow of deliberately sending asylum seekers to the country's border. In Russia these accusations were rejected. However, The Insider found out that the delivery of refugees to the border was controlled by the FSB.


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