• 20/06/2024 16:03

Nova created New Energy to develop its own generation

The Nova group of companies, in connection with the Russian attacks on the energy system, decided to create the New Energy company, which will develop electricity generation on a regular basis, ensuring the autonomy of the company’s facilities. Nova co-owner Vladimir Popereshnyuk wrote about this on Facebook.

Nova created

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“When the Russians recently began to attack electricity generation, we realized that we need to strengthen the autonomy of the energy supply. And they created the New Energy company, which will generate energy on a regular basis, in particular, electricity generated by the sun and gas,” he wrote.

He expressed hope that other companies will begin to do the same .

“If regulations and bans do not interfere, entrepreneurs will very quickly create the capacities necessary for the economy. Because there are no problems that entrepreneurs cannot solve,” wrote Popereshnyuk.

He recalled that at the beginning of a full-scale war during the period when Russia attacked Ukrainian refineries and oil depots, which caused a crisis in the fuel market acute shortage of fuel, Nova began purchasing fuel trucks, tanks, containers, refueling complexes to enhance its fuel safety and autonomy.


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