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IDPs will be provided with subsidies for rental housing

The Ministry of Social Policy has developed a new tool to support displaced people – a rental subsidy. It is planned to be implemented as part of a pilot project within two years. This was reported by the press service of the ministry.

IDPs will provide a subsidy for rental housing

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Feature of the subsidy

It is noted that the peculiarity of the subsidy is that its size will take into account the cost of rent in a certain region or populated city of the country. After all, the price of rent in Kyiv, Nikolaev, Transcarpathia or in a small locality is significantly different.

In addition, the size of the subsidy will depend on:

    the number of persons in the family renting housing; household income; ability to pay rent bills without help from others.

The lower the income, the higher the percentage of the rental cost will be covered by the subsidy.

At the first stage, the introduction of a rental subsidy is planned for internally displaced persons. In the future, this support tool may be available to other citizens who need such assistance from the state.

Currently, this draft decision is being agreed within the government and with interested authorities. The Ministry of Social Policy expects that after the approval of the relevant government decision, IDPs will be able to take advantage of a new support tool for them as early as June.

Rental housing prices

According to a study conducted by the analytical company CEDOS with the support Council of Europe, by order of the Ministry of Social Policy, housing prices in Kiev are 22% (up to 8.4 thousand UAH for a one-room apartment) higher than the national average, in Nikolaev and the Nikolaev region – below 30-35% (do not exceed 4.5 thousand. UAH), and in Transcarpathia – 2.5 times higher compared to the national average (reaching 17 thousand UAH for a one-room apartment).

The lowest prices are in the Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkov and Kherson regions and range from 2.8 thousand UAH to 4.4 thousand UAH for a one-room apartment; in regional centers in these regions the figure will be slightly higher, from 3.2 thousand UAH to 5 thousand UAH for a one-room apartment.


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