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Kristalina Georgieva may be re-elected as head of the IMF – media

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva is interested in a second five-year term as head of the global lender and is ready to ensure sufficient support among member countries. Georgieva's term expires on September 30. This is reported by Reuters with a link to informed sources.

Kristalina Georgieva may be re-elected to the post of head of the IMF — media

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Last week, the Bulgarian economist received support from French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer. He told reporters during G20 financial meetings in Sao Paulo that Georgieva had done a “wonderful job” leading the institution and that France would support her for a second term.

The agency explains that Le Mer’s support is crucial , given that European countries traditionally nominate a candidate to lead the IMF, although all members of the European Union must agree. The final decision is made by the management of the establishment.

Last week, Georgieva said that she was focused on her work, and not on whether she should run for a new term.

Sources familiar with the appointment process heads of the IMF, note that a choice will be made quickly once Europe unites around a candidate.

Although Georgieva's term will expire in only six months, some people familiar with the matter believe that it makes sense to make a decision by April 15−20.

Georgieva is the second woman to head the IMF, and the first person from a country with a developing market economy.


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