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Last year, every tenth FOP in Poland was founded by Ukrainians

In 2023, every tenth individual enterprise in Poland was opened by Ukrainians, and the number of individual entrepreneurs who were citizens of Ukraine turned out to be more than two-thirds more than in 2022. This is reported by Rzeczpospolita with a link to data from the Central Register and information on economic activity.

Last year, every tenth private enterprise in Poland was founded by Ukrainians

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It is noted that before the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in January and February 2022, Ukrainian citizens registered Poland has just over 200 individual enterprises per month.

In March, their number increased to almost 600 per month, but the jump in registrations occurred in the following months.

In April, their number approached 1,300, and in May and June – by 1700.

In the following months, Ukrainians registered 2,000 enterprises, and the beginning of 2023 accelerated the pace even more. In March, and then in August, September and October, the number of new registrations grew by 2,700-2,800 monthly.

Only December of last year was weaker than both years studied, when the number of registered enterprises was slightly below 2 thousand.

As a result of a steady increase in the number of registrations, 30,325 new Ukrainian individual companies were registered throughout 2023. This is more than 67% more than in the previous year, when 18,139 of them were registered.

At the same time, the number of all new registrations of such companies in Poland amounted to 299 thousand.

Total In 2022-2023, Ukrainians registered 48,464 individual entrepreneurs in Poland.


The Ministry of Finance wrote that last year a record number of bankruptcies were recorded in Poland. Business declines are observed in all industries, with the exception of agriculture.


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