• 21/07/2024 08:41

Diya has four new war bonds

In the “Diya” application, it is now possible to purchase new military bonds – “Iron Port”, “Askania-Nova”, “Dzhankoy” and “Kerch”. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Diya has four new war bonds

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What are the conditions

    “Iron Port”: rate from 16.25%, payment date – June 5, 2024. “Askania-Nova”: rate from 16.50%, payment date – November 20, 2024. “Dzhankoy”: rate from 17.96%, payment date – July 23, 2025. “Kerch”: rate from 18.00%, payment date – October 15, 2025.

What are war bonds

Securities that you purchase and upon expiration of their validity period, you receive funds back with interest.

“Money from bonds goes to weapons , ammunition, equipment, food and medicine for our military. And also for salaries of doctors, teachers, pensions and social benefits,” the message says.

To date, military bonds worth more than UAH 3 billion have been purchased through the Diya application.


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