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Providing Ukrainians with affordable housing: the government is developing new preferential programs

To provide Ukrainians with affordable housing, the government is developing new preferential programs – “Rent with the right to buy” and “Social rent”. First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Sviridenko spoke about this during an online speech at the event “System of affordable rental housing in Ukraine.”

Providing Ukrainians with affordable housing: the government is developing new preferential programs

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According to her, as of today there are about 5 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine. There are about 2 million more families who have permanently lost their home.

“In addition to the Affordable Mortgage program, which is already being presented by eOselya, we are considering the possibility of introducing several more tools that are at the development stage. We are talking about the rent-to-own system and social rent. These approaches are quite common in the West.

To implement this, we actually already have the only state operator – PJSC “Ukrfinzhilye”, and the state has already financed its authorized capital by UAH 50 billion through domestic government loan bonds (OVDP), and also plans to make an additional injection into the capital of UFZhK another 20 billion UAH this year,” said Sviridenko.

The plans for 2024 are to issue 12 thousand housing loans, in 2025 – 23 thousand for a total amount of 56.6 billion UAH.

Preference will be given to newly built apartments, houses and townhouses or those just under construction.

According to Sviridenko, on the eve of the full-scale Russian invasion, mortgage loans in Ukraine amounted to less than 1% of GDP. While in the Eurozone countries this figure is on average 40%.

Our strategic goal is to reach the level of 10% of GDP in 10 years. Moreover, according to our strategy, construction is identified as one of the priority sectors for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy. After all, after the end of the war, Ukraine will turn into the largest construction site in Europe,” she added.

Expanding the conditions of “єOseli”

Already on January 26, changes to Cabinet Resolution No. 856 will come into force, providing for a significant expansion of the conditions of “єOseli”. In particular, private houses, duplexes and townhouses will become available for purchase on a mortgage.

The opportunity to choose housing for veterans and combatants will also increase. They will be able to purchase an apartment at 7% per annum in a building that is no more than 10 years old for Kyiv and regional centers or without restrictions on the period of commissioning for other settlements.

In addition, integration of “єOseli” with “Renewals.” After changes are made to the law, citizens will be able to use a housing certificate as part of the down payment when purchasing a home with a mortgage.


The Ministry of Finance wrote that since the beginning of the eOselya program, 6,757 families have received loans for a total amount of UAH 10.2 billion. 1,200 of them took out loans under the terms of a mass mortgage for a total of UAH 2 billion.

In 2023, according to plans announced by the government, under the “Eoselya” program it was planned to finance the purchase of 10 thousand apartments. As of October, less than 4 thousand families received housing.

Who can take advantage of the program

Today, both representatives of certain professions and citizens who do not own housing can take advantage of the eOselya program or those wishing to improve its conditions.

For contract servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, teachers, doctors and scientists, the preferential rate is 3% per annum. For other categories – combatants, veterans, IDPs, and other citizens – the mortgage rate is 7%.

The eOselya program began its work in October 2022. The program is being implemented by the Ministry of Economy together with the Ministry of Digital Development and PJSC Ukrfinzhilye. eOsel's partner banks are Oschadbank, Privatbank, Ukrgasbank, Globus Bank, Sky Bank, Ukreximbank and Sense Bank.


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