• 25/05/2024 01:40

Microsoft invested $1.5 billion in AI company G42

Microsoft has invested $1.5 billion in G42, an artificial intelligence (AI) company in the United Arab Emirates. This is stated in the company's message.

Microsoft invested $1.5 billion in AI company G42

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Deal Details

The organizations announced a strategic partnership aimed at “strengthening innovation in artificial intelligence and expanding access to cutting-edge technologies around the world.”

It is known that as part of the cooperation, G42 will launch its applications and offer services in the field of artificial intelligence using the Microsoft Azure computing platform.

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Microsoft said in a statement that the investment is aimed at accelerating the development of AI and expanding access to advanced technologies both in the United Arab Emirates and outside the country.

< p>The funding will also be used to improve the skills of workers in the UAE.

In addition, the statement says that both companies will support the creation of a fund for developers in the amount of $1 billion.


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