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The Ministry of Finance is launching a new product – home insurance against the consequences of missiles and suicide bombers.

According to statistics from February 2022, more than 160 thousand residential buildings were recorded in Ukraine that were destroyed or damaged as a result of military operations, with a damage amount of more than $58 billion and this figure is growing every day.

To help Ukrainians protect their homes, the Ministry of Finance is launching a new product on its website – home insurance against military risks and non-military risks. only.

Home insurance from the Ministry of Finance covers the following risks:

    Military risks (fall of missiles, UAVs, drones, debris, explosion of ammunition, mines, bombs, influence of other weapons and means of war, except nuclear, biological, chemical weapons); Damage to glass (damage to windows, balconies and loggias, including due to war risks); Household risks (fire, water damage, gas explosion); Natural disasters (storm, hail, rain, lightning); Illegal actions of third parties (burglary, robbery, robbery); Liability for unintentional damage caused to neighbors.

It is possible to issue a policy for property located on the territory of Ukraine, except for territories from the list of exceptions: AR Crimea; Dnepropetrovsk region; Donetsk region; Zaporozhye region; Lugansk region; Nikolaevkskaya area; Sumy region; Kharkov region; Kherson region; Chernihiv region/Koryukovsky district; Chernihiv region/Novgorod-Seversky district; Chernigov region/Chernigov district except for the city of Chernigov.

Advantages of taking out home insurance against the consequences of missiles and suicide bombers at the Ministry of Finance:

    Without inspection of the apartment; from any risks; Affordable policy price (from 1351 UAH/year); Payment in installments from Monobank for 3 payments; Insurance of own or rented property; The amount of insurance coverage of your choice is from 125,000 UAH to 2 ml UAH.

A mandatory condition for insurance is that the apartment must be in a rented house and with completed renovations and not be in collateral ( leasing) in a bank or any other financial institution.

Using the promotional code “Ministry of Finance” you will receive a 3% discount on home insurance.

Insure your home online against war risks


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