• 15/06/2024 22:53

Microsoft shares rose 6.3% after earnings report and AI optimism

Shares of the world's largest company by capitalization, Microsoft, rose another 6.3% after the release of its financial report and optimism about the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. Bloobmerg writes about this.

Microsoft shares rose by 6.3% after the financial report and optimism on AI

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The publication compares success Microsoft with Alphabet, as well as a drop in the capitalization of Meta, which said its investments in artificial intelligence have not yet paid off.

Microsoft beat Wall Street estimates with its latest quarterly result, helped by rising cloud revenues, partly caused by the rapid growth in the use of artificial intelligence services.

Microsoft financial report results:

    earnings per share: $2.94 (est. $2.84) revenue: $61.9 billion (est. $60.9 billion)

Both Microsoft and Alphabet report increased corporate interest in artificial intelligence tools. Executives say they will spend more on artificial intelligence.

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