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Poland records 20% fewer consular services for Ukrainians

In Poland, Ukrainian consular officers record approximately 20% fewer consular actions after the adoption in Ukraine of a law on mobilization and temporary suspension of consular actions for men aged 18 to 60 years. Ukrinform was informed about this at one of the consular offices of Ukraine in Poland.

Poland records 20% less consular services for Ukrainians

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“Consular actions have decreased by approximately 20%,” the consular office informed, noting that we are talking specifically about serving men of mobilization age.

As explained at the consular office, consular actions related directly to men, for example, obtaining a certificate for marriage, which is a notarial action, have been temporarily suspended. However, men can receive consular services at the consulate aimed at other family members, in particular, at obtaining citizenship for a newborn child.

“In general, we are working as usual, no emergency cases have been recorded. There is no rush either,” noted the consular office.

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Previously, the media reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered the heads of all diplomatic institutions of Ukraine to temporarily suspend all consular actions regarding Ukrainian citizens of military age. The ban will remain in effect until clarification of the provisions of the law on strengthening mobilization is received.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba instructed to take measures to restore fair treatment of men of mobilization age in Ukraine and abroad.

Today in Poland there are about a million refugees from Ukraine, and the total number of Ukrainian citizens in the Republic of Poland exceeds 3 million people.



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