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Premiere of the Da Vinci film with the support of Ukrainian business

The other day, the premiere of a documentary film about the outstanding hero of Ukraine – Dmitry Kotsyubail, known under the call sign Da Vinci because of his artistic education, was released.

Premiere of the film

The main character of the film had an outstanding the path from a volunteer to a recognized and talented commander, behind whom “Da Vinci’s Wolves” followed into battle without hesitation or fear. His courage was marked by a number of awards and titles, including Hero of Ukraine and People's Hero.

The film reveals the life path and activities of Dmitry through interviews with him, rare archival materials and previously unpublished chronicles. Relatives, brothers, friends and ex-commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny shared their memories and told what Da Vinci was like.

Director Vladimir Sidko managed to reveal Dmitry’s heroism and show his uniqueness and exceptional contribution to the fight for Ukraine. Da Vinci is now a symbol of all warriors who defend their state.

“For 9 years in the war, Dmitry became a legendary commander, who in his courage and dedication served as an example for many brothers. Our film aims not only to tell in detail the life story of the great warrior, but also to explore the evolution of his formation as a patriot and defender. With this film we will try to answer the questions of what influenced the formation of Da Vinci and how the young man managed to create one of the most effective units on the front,” the authors of the film share.

Ukrainian business, in particular the fintech company Moneyveo, actively joined the process of financing the film. Let us remind you that Moneyveo, since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, has been systematically helping the military: it has transferred more than 16 million to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, donated 50 FPV drones, several pieces of equipment to the fighters, and regularly sends parcels with medicines for the front and other necessary things and equipment.

“This is our first experience of participating in such a project,” says Moneyveo CEO Sergei Sinchenko. “We actively supported the military even before the start of a full-scale enemy invasion: we supplied office equipment to intelligence officers, participated in financing the treatment of ATO soldiers, and since February 2022 our assistance has been scaled up and intensified. By participating in the creation of the film “Da Vinci,” I wanted to support the memory of the hero, to thank all the defenders who defend our land and thanks to whom we can live and work in our country. And, in my opinion, in this difficult time, supporting the creation of Ukrainian documentary films is no less important for the development of Ukrainian history and culture.”

Cultural life plays a role in supporting society and strengthening the national spirit during war important role. After all, today Ukrainians are fighting not only for their territory, but also for the preservation of their national identity. The authors and participants of the film hope that the film will not only be a show of support and recognition of the contributions of real heroes, but will also inspire the public, attract more people to volunteer work, support warriors and raise funds for military needs.


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