• 12/04/2024 23:41

Revolut launches auto investment service

Revolut announced the launch of its Robo-Advisor solution to automate investing in the European Economic Area. The service was designed specifically for people who do not have time for active investing, have limited or no trading experience. This was reported by the press service of the commission.

Revolut launches an auto investment service

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The service automatically suggests an investment portfolio tailored to the client's personal circumstances, including risk tolerance and financial goals, with automatic rebalancing of investments as market fluctuations occur.

Robo-Advisor is an addition to the company's suite of wealth management and trading products and supports clients in their first investment experience. The product was developed based on recent company research, according to which 53% of respondents did not know where to start the investment process.

Revolut's product focuses on creating a fully diversified and customized portfolio based on customer responses that can determine their risk tolerance and financial goals. Once a client deposits funds into their portfolio, the service automatically invests it in the market and continues to track and manage them.

In addition, Robo-Advisor can automatically rebalance client portfolios based on the performance of assets in the portfolio and conduct periodic reviews to maintain the client's risk tolerance and target allocation of funds.

The minimum starting investment when using Robo-Advisor is €100. The annual fee for portfolio management will be 0.75% of the portfolio value, which will be charged monthly.

Customers can also set up periodic transfers from €10 to a portfolio, increasing the size of their portfolio at a predetermined time and with a certain frequency. This will help clients invest regularly and minimize the impact of short-term price fluctuations.


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