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Some pensioners may stop receiving pensions on their card accounts – Ministry of Social Policy

In recent days, incorrect information has been disseminated in the media on behalf of the Ministry of Social Policy about the alleged possible blocking of bank cards of pensioners due to the lack of movement of funds on them. The Ministry of Social Policy claims that although the pension does not go to the pensioner’s card account, it continues to be accrued.

The card accounts of some pensioners may stop receiving pensions — Ministry of Social Policy

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The Ministry of Social Policy explained that the news, which was incorrectly interpreted by some media outlets, concerns something else.

“If a pensioner from among internally displaced persons, who was registered as an IDP before February 24, 2022, does not use his bank card “over a long period (at least 6 months), and there is no movement of funds on such a card, the pension for such a person continues to be accrued, but until the circumstances are clarified, the pension is not transferred to such a person to his card account,” the message says.

The reason for this is that a significant part of the pensioners from among the IDPs registered as IDPs before February 24, 2022 live in the temporarily occupied territory.

“In such a situation, the state does not have the opportunity to quickly find out information about the fact that whether the card holder has lost access to it (and fraudsters can subsequently use it) and whether the owner is alive, because during war the risks of death or disappearance of a person, unfortunately, increase significantly,” the ministry noted.

< p>Therefore, in order to continue making payments to such a person, the state must receive confirmation that the pensioner is alive and is using his card. Until the pensioner confirms his identity, his pension continues to be accrued by the Pension Fund, but is not transferred to his card.

“As soon as a person gets in touch and confirms his identity, the accrued payments are transferred to such person on his account. The information about the possible blocking of the card does not correspond to reality,” added the Ministry of Social Policy.


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