• 24/07/2024 07:51

The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced changes to the procedure for booking military personnel at military-industrial complex enterprises

Enterprises of the military-industrial complex (DIC) can reserve their employees liable for military service without restrictions. The corresponding decision was made at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on January 16, reports the Government Portal.

The Cabinet of Ministers has made changes to the procedure for reserving military personnel at defense industry enterprises

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According to the decision made, military personnel of enterprises, institutions and organizations identified by the Ministry on issues of strategic industries as critical in sphere of the military-industrial complex, are reserved:

    regardless of military rank, age and military specialty; without restrictions on the number of military personnel subject to reservation.

“Now enterprises of the defense-industrial complex will be able to reserve their military-bound workers without restrictions on the number and without taking into account the scarcity of their military specialty.

This will strengthen the potential of the defense-industrial complex and provide defense enterprises work stably and increase production volumes. This decision is the common position of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Strategic Industry and the Ministry of Economy.

Our primary task is to provide our defenders with everything necessary for victory,” said Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Igor Fomenko.


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