• 13/06/2024 00:17

The Pentagon and Space X blocked Russia's access to Starlink

Pentagon representatives prevented the unauthorized use by the Russian military of Starlink satellite Internet terminals in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon's space policy department, John Plumb, in an interview with Bloomberg.

The Pentagon and Space X blocked Russia's access to Starlink

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According to him, the United States was actively involved in working with the government of Ukraine and SpaceX to counter the illegal use of Starlink terminals by Russia.

“We have now successfully opposed Russia’s use of Starlink, but I am confident that Russia will continue to try to find ways to use Starlink and other commercial communications systems,” he said.

However, Plumb did not say How exactly did they manage to limit Russia’s access to Starlink?

According to Bloomberg, Starlink terminals continue to be advertised for sale in Russia. Sellers in their advertisements offer devices that are supposedly subscribed to residents of European countries where the technology is licensed.


Bloomberg recently reported that Starlink terminals can be purchased illegally all over the world.


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