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The United States is providing Ukraine with a new package of military aid worth $250 million

The United States of America announced the provision of another package of military assistance to Ukraine worth $250 million. This was reported by the press service of the US Department of Defense.

The United States is providing Ukraine with a new $250 million package of military aid

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Included in the new military aid package

    Additional ammunition for anti-aircraft missile systems (NASAMS); Stinger anti-aircraft missiles; Air defense system components; Additional ammunition for High Mobility Missile and Artillery Systems (HIMARS); 155mm and 105mm artillery shells; Tube-launched missiles with optical tracking and wire-guided (TOW); Javelin and AT-4 anti-tank systems; More than 15 million rounds of small arms ammunition; Demolition ammunition for clearing interference; Spare parts, medical equipment, maintenance and other support equipment.

“It is important that Congress act as quickly as possible in the new year on the President’s supplemental national security request to ensure our continued support for Ukraine and Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against Russia’s ongoing attacks,” it said.


The US Congress was unable to pass a law providing for the allocation of funds for Ukraine before the New Year holidays. Consideration of this issue may return in January.

Previously, the administration of US President Joe Biden initiated a new overall aid package for Ukraine and Israel totaling $106 billion.

Of the total amount of about $61, 4 billion were proposed to be allocated for assistance to Ukraine, including $46.1 billion for defense. However, this bill has not yet been adopted.


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